New Zealand warns against synthetic marijuana after 9 deaths. New Zealand officials on Friday were urging people to stop smoking synthetic marijuana after finding nine people had died after using the drug this month in the nation’s largest city. The latest was a 31-year-old woman who died ThursdayContinue Reading

Bill Cosby allegedly told police he gave Andrea Constand pills before “consensual sexual encounter” — Mic (@mic) June 8, 2017 Bill Cosby told police in 2005 that he had given Andrea Constand Benadryl to help her relax, and claimed that their subsequent sexual encounter had been consensual, accordingContinue Reading

Disappointing image and caption on this image @radionz Anti-prohibition does not equal pro-drugs… – Kyle MacDonald (@kylemacd) February 24, 2016 He said that even though many indigenous communities around the world had a long history of using different kinds of psychoactive substances without abuse, poor people and people ofContinue Reading