SAMANTHA HOLVEY: The first time I met Donald Trump, we were in New York City doing a media tour, all 51 of the Miss USA contestants. And we were at Trump Tower. They lined us all up, and so he could meet all of us. And I’m thinking thisContinue Reading

Melania Trump today awarded women fighting for enviro, free press, disabled, against sexual assault. Oh, the irony. — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) March 29, 2017 “President Trump and his administration are committed to expanding opportunities for women and girls domestically across the globe,” said Shannon, who was thereContinue Reading

Donald Trump kicks off Sexual Assault Awareness Month by defending Bill O’Reilly — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) April 5, 2017 In an interview with The New York Times on Wednesday, Trump defended O’Reilly after the Times reported that O’Reilly or Fox News paid five women a total of aboutContinue Reading Last week, President Trump signed an executive order revoking the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order, created by President Barack Obama in 2014 to ensure businesses that receive federal contracts do a better job of adhering to labor and civil rights laws. As a result, the president is nowContinue Reading

Trump has declared April National Sexual Assault Awareness month, which is just so, so ironic. — The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) April 1, 2017 Early 1990s: Kristin Anderson claims he touched her genitals: The Washington Post reported on Friday that Anderson was at The China Club in Manhattan whenContinue Reading In recent days, Trump has threatened to begin attacking Hillary Clinton for her husband’s infidelities. But it’s Trump who has extensive experience with divorce-and it’s no wonder he would have preferred the Saudi system. Before finalizing his divorce from his first wife, Ivana, Trump began seeing Marla Maples, whoContinue Reading It all started when Kirsten Powers of USA Today asked Donald Trump about the other appalling, victim-blaming comments he’s made about the more than 20 women, including former anchor Gretchen Carlson, who said they were sexually harassed by former Fox CEO Roger Ailes. Trump said last month that heContinue Reading

Take a look at @HuffPostRelig’s Tweet: What do you tell your child when the Republican front-runner says on TV, “I think Islam hates us”? What do you say when another challenger says police should be patrolling Muslim neighborhoods? “They are frightened by this language. They’re puzzled by it.Continue Reading