The five main causes of thousands of diseases, according to @markhymanMD ➡️ — Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) September 28, 2015 When you narrow things down, the main causes of disease include: Allergens Microbes or imbalance of the bugs in your gut Toxins Poor diet Stress All of these canContinue Reading The idea that childhood trauma might have a connection with adult health problems came to Felitti almost by accident, according to a recent interview. He was running through a series of questions when he accidentally asked a client in the weight-loss program, “How much did you weigh when youContinue Reading It is a causal factor in 60 diseases and injuries, and a contributing factor in 200 more, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, alcoholic liver disease, respiratory diseases and pancreatitis. What may be more surprising is alcohol’s link with cancer. For the past 27 years, alcohol has been recognised as aContinue Reading

Genetic susceptibility to psychosocial stress can increase risk of cardiovascular disease: A new genetic findi… — Danny Gary Turpin (@DGTCompany) October 1, 2014 A new genetic finding from Duke Medicine suggests that some people who are prone to hostility, anxiety and depression might also be hard-wired to gain weightContinue Reading