Men and women

New research provides evidence of “clear, consistent, and large discrimination” against men in female-dominated occupations in Sweden. The study indicates that women are more likely to receive a response to entry-level job applications than men are. Granberg and his colleagues found that women had higher positive employer response rates thanContinue Reading More than half (56%) of LGBTQ adults and 70% of those who are transgender or gender non-conforming report experiencing some form of discrimination, including the use of harsh or abusive language, from a health care professional. A new American Heart Association Scientific Statement, “Assessing and Addressing Cardiovascular Health inContinue Reading   t’s a world many could not fathom, one where straight couples are questioned, harassed, and discriminated against while trying to relax together on vacation. That reality is one that all too many gay couples face, a new study from Virgin Holidays shows. One of its depressing findings: Only fiveContinue Reading