Abdominal Exercise

So what’s the alternative? Living the best life we can, with whatever emotional experience we’re having. “For a lot of people, a much better road is to relate to the emotions rather than trying to control them,” said Minden. “It’s really important to learn to accept our authentic emotions, our inner experience, and relateContinue Reading

The thoughts we say to ourselves play a big role in how we feel. https://greatist.com/health/depression-cant-get-out-of-bed “Instead, break the day down into smaller, more manageable tasks. Go one by one and only focus on the task that it is in front of you.” 4. Get uncomfortable Bed is comfortable. It’s safe.Continue Reading

http://bit.ly/2n1hX76 2. People who deal with stress by putting problems in their ‘too hard basket’ are more vulnerable to getting depressed. There is a huge chicken and egg relationship here. If you ruminate about problems rather than tackling them head-on, it can contribute to worsening depression, but depression can alsoContinue Reading

http://bit.ly/2J1Dsvv The figure, which comes from a 2003 paper published in the prestigious journal Science, shows that the risk of depression among people who have experienced stressful life events becomes much greater if they also possess a certain version of a certain gene. This landmark study, in the midst ofContinue Reading

People in their teens and early 20s start out reasonably cheerful. Gallup, a pollster, asked a representative sample of people in 158 countries to rate their life satisfaction on a scale from zero to ten. The data reported by the authors of the World Happiness Report, an academic study backedContinue Reading

https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/opinion-hubble-anxiety-medication_us_5b3ba71ce4b09e4a8b27f269 At its worst, anxiety controlled my future. I always wanted to go backpacking, but travel had so many inherent risks: Open water was home to lurking sharks, every mosquito was loaded with a deadly tropical disease, my plane would crash, I would hurtle through the window of a taxiContinue Reading