#Nordic countries top the democratic rankings of 2017 https://t.co/vpJAnWl65X #democracy pic.twitter.com/Hj8fG3Zrag — World Economic Forum (@wef) March 4, 2018 Nordic countries have topped the list of this year’s Democracy Index 2017, taking four out of five of the top spots. Norway came out top, closely followed by Iceland and Sweden.Continue Reading

These are world's most democratic countries, according to the Economist https://t.co/OvLyf01VE4 #democracy pic.twitter.com/g3K0GaOmT4 — World Economic Forum (@wef) February 21, 2018 The US’s declining status is primarily due to a significant fall in people’s trust in the functioning of public institutions, a trend that was well established before the electionContinue Reading

By Kamalthebest – Own work, derived from File:BlankMap-World-Microstates.svg, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link   Democracy Index by country (2016)[edit] Listing by country is available on The Economist website.[1] Democracy Index 2016 Rank Country Score Electoral process and pluralism Functioning of government Political participation Political culture Civil liberties Category 1  Norway 9.93 10.00 9.64Continue Reading

https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/19/liberal-democracy-trump-angela-merkel-france-netherlands-democratic His protestations will do nothing to quiet the many voices now suggesting Marine Le Pen, the far-right, anti-immigration Front National leader and ardent admirer of Trump and Nigel Farage, has a chance to score another populist upset. It is taken for granted that Le Pen, 48, will reach theContinue Reading