Speaking to the, the organisation’s Medical Director recommended ballroom, tap, ballet, latin and jazz as good dances to prevent dementia. “Select a class that you are going to enjoy and that is within your physical capabilities,” she said. “All dance that involves remembering steps and raising the heartContinue Reading Uttley was a central figure in the law change that allowed injury replacements. Playing a brutal encounter for New Zealand Universities against South Africa in 1965, Uttley, Williment and a young halfback named Chris Laidlaw were all forced from the field in the first half, Uttley with concussion, leavingContinue Reading The University College London study involved patients with frontotemporal dementia, with the results appearing in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. Questionnaires from the friends and family of the 48 patients revealed many had noticed a change in humour years before the dementia had been diagnosed. This included laughing inappropriatelyContinue Reading