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Geek Feminism – cowardice, bullying and unicorns

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/fulfillment-any-age/201704/the-one-male-behavior-irritates-women-the-most Research in psychology and communications has yet to catch up with the topic of mansplaining but a paper by Northeastern University’s Joseph Reagle (2016)…

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Implicit denial of how prevalent and acceptable sexism is

http://womensenews.org/2017/01/how-mainstream-comedy-has-helped-normalize-trumps-misogyny/ Just as people have argued that “there’s no such thing as an anti-war film” (a quote generally attributed to the French filmmaker François Truffaut),…

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@Eliota_Sapolu on the need for nz rugby culture change

Chiefs scandal: @Eliota_Sapolu on @NzMorningReport on the need for nz rugby culture change: https://t.co/DWa109f5IY pic.twitter.com/YZiYDgRxy0 — RNZ (@radionz) September 8, 2016

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