They’re alarmed by the kindness and love shown by people they were told were ‘wicked and evil’,” Gregory said. “That is their overwhelming feeling.” Gregory said there are many hurdles for the brainwashed victims. “They just can’t believe they were lied to about people out here; that you canContinue Reading The historian J Gordon Melton of Baylor University in Texas says that the word ‘cult’ is meaningless: it merely assumes a normative framework that legitimises some exertions of religious power – those associated with mainstream organisations – while condemning others. Groups that have approved, ‘orthodox’ beliefs are considered legitimate,Continue Reading Prosecutor Rosina Cottage QC told the court that, in his youth, Mr Balakrishnan was a charismatic man who brainwashed his followers. “This case concerns the brutal and calculated manipulation by one man, this defendant, to subjugate women under his control. “In order to bend them to his will, heContinue Reading