The daimonic is an Ancient Greek term that was originally used to refer to a power which came upon man from without – a spirit or intermediary between the gods and humans. Rollo May re-conceptualized the daimonic in modern psychological terms and defined it as “any natural function whichContinue Reading In both cases, the researchers found that being bored led people to generate more ideas, as compared to a control group that was not bored. But after the innovative ideas test, which also measured the quality of someone’s creative submissions, they determined through personality tests that the ideas rankedContinue Reading

Do drugs make people more creative? – (@PsyPost) January 7, 2018 The review of past research found a general association between creativity and substance use. But it failed to turn up any substantial evidence that drug use directly increased creativity. “The results that we have suggest no directContinue Reading

Robin_and_Batman While speculating about the reasons for this negative relation, Bowker says that “shy and avoidant individuals may be unable to use their solitude time happily and productively, maybe because they are distracted by their negative cognitions and fears.” By contrast, “[U]nsociable youth[s] spend more time alone than with others,Continue Reading