When it comes to tackling heartbreak, Winch adds that there are a number of common traps people fall into. Here, the author gives his top six tips to avoiding these and start your road to recovery ASAP. Do NOT check up on them on social media. This will reinforceContinue Reading You don’t have to be a passive victim of your intrusive and annoying worries. Let’s organize your response to worry by taking ten simple steps to address your worried thoughts. We are not going to try to think positively or ignore your worry. I am not telling you toContinue Reading Sergeant Lamb attended a drug raid in Hawthorn in August of 1990, and was involved in a physical altercation with an offender. They wrestled over Lamb’s firearm and it discharged, shooting one of his colleagues, Ben Piper, in the chest. Piper was lucky to survive. “I wasn’t sure itContinue Reading