A communication expert explains why people believe in conspiracy theories – and how to change their minds https://t.co/BwUc6kIX3y — PsyPost.org (@PsyPost) August 21, 2017 Another reason we are so keen to believe in conspiracy theories is that we are social animals and our status in that society is much moreContinue Reading

Study: The personal need to eliminate uncertainty predicts belief in conspiracy theories https://t.co/5eNW6nLmU1 — PsyPost.org (@PsyPost) July 4, 2017 “Why do some people believe that the AIDS virus was created by the US government, that the British security services murdered Princess Diana or that Russians were involved in the SmolenskContinue Reading

http://www.newstatesman.com/science-tech/internet/2017/03/they-re-turning-frogs-gay-psychology-behind-internet-conspiracy Alienation, a lack of control, and uncertainly are all facts that lead someone towards a conspiracy worldview, explains Wood. As he puts it: “basically conspiracy theories are a way to try and make sense of the world that in that moment doesn’t particularly make sense.” According to Wood, victimsContinue Reading