Cognitive distortions are mistakes in the thinking process which affect perceptions, self-evaluations, and assumptions about other people, the environment, and the future. Sexually abused children tend to view the world through negative lenses, overestimating danger and difficulty in life experiences. Sexually abused children demonstrate chronic levels of helplessness, hopelessness, inability to trust, self-blame, and lowered self-esteem. TheseContinue Reading 3) Cognitive Distortions Cognitive distortions of child molesters refer to their belief system, excuse-making, denial, defensiveness, justifications, and minimizing (Ciardha & Gannon, 2011). Not only will cognitive distortions be present when the perpetrator is caught (excuse making) but also when the only other person aware of their dangerous natureContinue Reading Overgeneralization You have one or two negative experiences and think everything in the future will play out that same way. Ironically, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, you will this to happen, confirming your erroneous convictions. Shoulda, woulda, coulda You live in a “should” world — “I should have done this,Continue Reading