A “vital” mental health service in Christchurch is at risk of closure unless it can raise $200,000 to fit out its new premises. The Mental Health, Advocacy and Peer Support Trust (MHAPS) will have to leave its current premises on the corner of Colombo and Peterborough streets at theContinue Reading Former FBI profiler and writer for the hit show Criminal Minds Jim Clemente will be speaking at the conference. He said kids are at less risk of sexual abuse today than they were 50 years ago and increased dialogue is helping to stop the behaviour. “The more dialogue weContinue Reading Between August and September 2014, the man made offensive personal and sexual comments about and in front of the woman. He called her “s… tits”, “fat”, “ugly”, and said she had a “pregnant belly”. On separate occasions the man commented on the assistant’s underwear and zipped and unzipped hisContinue Reading

Man jailed for rape of ‘vulnerable’ Christchurch sex worker Dommisse’s encounter with the Manchester St sex worker broke rules about the workers being able to insist on clients respecting boundaries, keeping to agreements, stopping whenever the sex worker said, and ensuring safe sex. The 36-year-old had a long criminalContinue Reading At the Christchurch Clinical Studies Trust (CCST), a groundbreaking flu vaccine study may hold the answer to stemming the Zika crisis. An international pharmaceutical company has contracted the CCST to test the efficiency of a new oral influenza tablet. The vaccine has been tested on the two strains ofContinue Reading The Canterbury University research shows more than 60 percent of 320 children, aged from five to seven, who have been tracked since they started school in 2013, are showing symptoms of the disorder. The symptoms include having meltdowns, lashing out at other students, and being tense and irritable. WhileContinue Reading

I wrote a guest piece for Public Address about the funding cuts to Mental Health services in Christchurch… — Kyle MacDonald (@kylemacd) February 16, 2016 All of this makes the ministry’s claim that there is no evidence of an increase in demand frankly absurd. What’s also deeply frustrating toContinue Reading