Growing Up in New Zealand (GUiNZ) is Aotearoa’s largest contemporary longitudinal study of child development. The study has followed a cohort of more than 6,000 children since just before they were born around 2009 or 2010. The purpose of regularly collecting this data is to gain policy-relevant evidence about whatContinue Reading

Many #OECD countries could learn from exerience of Denmark & Finland where only 4% of #children are assessed to live in relative poverty. Figures for USA are 21%, New Zealand 14%, UK & Australia13%, Canada 12%. Time for reflection in anglophone democracies? @OECD_Social — Helen Clark (@HelenClarkNZ) October 17,Continue Reading

Click to access DS4-Child-Sexual-Abuse-2017.pdf This data summary is one of six produced by the NZFVC in 2017. The other five data summaries are concerned with Family Violence Deaths, Violence Against Women, Children and Youth Affected by Family Violence, Adult Sexual Violence, and Child Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Violence –Continue Reading

Sexual assaults on children rising in the Bay Almost 100 children under the age of 12 report being sexually assaulted in the Bay of Plenty every year – and experts say this is only a fraction of the problem. New figures revealed to The Bay of Plenty Times showedContinue Reading–study We found that chronic consumption of sugar in rats who were not stressed produced similar changes in the hippocampus as seen in the rats who were stressed but not drinking sugar. Early life stress exposure or sugar drinking led to lower expression of the receptor that binds the majorContinue Reading

I wrote a guest piece for Public Address about the funding cuts to Mental Health services in Christchurch… — Kyle MacDonald (@kylemacd) February 16, 2016 All of this makes the ministry’s claim that there is no evidence of an increase in demand frankly absurd. What’s also deeply frustrating toContinue Reading

Kids who don't know a world before the chch quakes are starting school, their needs are high says @SalvationArmyNZ — RNZ – Nine To Noon (@ninetonoon) February 15, 2016 Tuesday 16 February 2016, with Kathryn Ryan 09:05 Funding concerns for mental health services in Canterbury The Ministry of SocialContinue Reading A major British inquiry into decades of institutional child sex abuse will investigate allegations involving “people of prominence” and politicians as well as the Catholic and Anglican Churches, councils and schools, its head said on Friday. The inquiry, which will last at least five years and cost about £18Continue Reading