Myth: Sexual assaults are only committed by strangers. Fact: The majority of people who commit sexual assaults know their victims and in some cases are relations, friends or work colleagues. Partners and spouses can also commit sexual assaults. Myth: Rape is a ‘spur of the moment’ act. Fact: MostContinue Reading

After Rena Romano gained the courage to speak out about her experience of childhood sexual abuse, she discovered that few victims have the same supportive experience. This compelling talk reveals a new approach allowing each of us to aid sexual abuse survivors to lead healthy, happy, productive lives. “How youContinue Reading

Radio New Zealand: Jesus Christ crucifixion was sexual abuse – NZ theologian. Professor David Tombs said people were usually taken aback at the idea. “People feel that Jesus would somehow be lessened if he had experienced sexual violence, and that’s entirely untrue and entirely misguided,” said the University ofContinue Reading

VOA News: Declassify Afghan Child Sex Report, Government Watchdog Tells Pentagon. “Afghan officials remain complicit, especially in the sexual exploitation and recruitment of children by Afghan security forces,” SIGAR said in a published document outlining the Congressional report. The issue now, according to SIGAR, is determining whether theContinue Reading

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Saville The Beast – Inside Story of the Greatest Scandal in TV History John McShane Published by John Blake Publishing The target audience of this blog is those who have experienced childhood sexual trauma and those who support those who do. Comment on books and other material is therefore focussedContinue Reading A new report on an 18-month government investigation has hinted a sexual predator is active in the Gloriavale community, a religious expert has said. The Christian Church Community Trust, which governs the isolated West Coast community in Haupiri, was the subject of the Charities Services investigation. The probe beganContinue Reading

Male Sexual Abuse FACT #5 – Sexual abuse does NOT determine sexual identity/orientation — MaleSurvivor (@MaleSurvivorORG) March 15, 2017 Whether perpetrated by males or females, premature sexual experiences can lead to a great deal of confusion about many aspects of identity and sexual orientation. Many males who haveContinue Reading