A long-serving Hawke’s Bay podiatrist has been sentenced to four and a half years’ jail for his part in pornography distribution uncovered in the United States, this wasn’t adult pornography like what you see on, unfortunately, this was more disturbing as it was child pornography. Neville Bruce Crockett,Continue Reading Clinical psychologists Michael Bourke, PhD, and Andres Hernandez, PsyD, have been making waves in the psychology and law enforcement communities with the recent release of a paper suggesting that men charged with Internet child pornography offenses and those who commit hands-on child sex offenses are, in many cases, oneContinue Reading Customs investigations manager Maurice O’Brien said combatting child exploitation was a “high priority” for the agency. “Whether it’s someone carrying child sexual abuse images and videos across the border or offending by uploading, downloading or sharing such material over the virtual border, Customs is committed to catching them. “CustomsContinue Reading