TOKYO (AP) — The Catholic Church in Japan is preparing to investigate allegations of sexual abuse against minors by its priests, including accusations from 20 years ago, officials said Thursday. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Japan said it has established a committee in each diocese to take claims and consultationsContinue Reading The Catholic Church in Australia on Friday rejected a recommendation by a government inquiry that priests be required to report evidence of child sex abuse disclosed in the confessional. The recommendation that priests be prosecuted for failing to report evidence of pedophilia heard in the confessional was a keyContinue Reading

The Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, has told a royal commission the response by Catholic Church leaders to allegations of child sexual abuse amounted to “criminal negligence”. Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher appeared in front of the royal commission for the first time. Five of Australia’s most senior Catholic figuresContinue Reading

Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church: Why Is It Still a Story? Shared from Google News & Weather As I rushed to gather up my notebook, laptop and recorder, I realized I had no idea what he was about to reveal, but I had just gotten the answer toContinue Reading