Court documents also allege that on one occasion “­rituals” were performed on the boys. Along with the Yyani Cook-Williams, Therese Ann Cook, Paul Williams and Clarissa Meredith, three further people have been charged. Their names are suppressed because at the time that the alleged acts were committed — betweenContinue Reading In November 2016, researchers at Haifa University published a startling finding: Arab boys in Israel were much more likely to be sexually abused than either their female counterparts, or Jewish boys and girls. Nearly 30% of Arab boys in Israel surveyed said they’d been victims of sexual assault. That’sContinue Reading One in five girls and nearly one in 10 boys have experienced unwanted sexual contact, prompting calls for communities to take action to help stop violence in teen relationships. Research from the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse has found 20 per cent of female and 9 per cent ofContinue Reading Researchers used MRI scans to examine the brains of 59 children, aged 9 to 17. The participants included 30 kids with PTSD and 29 without the disorder (the “control” group). Girls and boys in the control group had no differences in brain structure, the researchers said. But among thoseContinue Reading