It made people feel moderately more compassionate or empathetic, compared to if they had done no other new emotionally-engaging activity. However, a further analysis revealed that meditation didn’t reduce aggression or prejudice or improving how socially-connected someone was. The most unexpected result of this study, though, was that theContinue Reading “When I got up in the mornings, the first thing I did was always go scrub my body,” he said. And when he ran away, or tried to raise the alarm, nobody listened. Instead, like thousands of others, he was handed back to the predators. It is an experienceContinue Reading

Suppressing truth and urination: Study uncovers a bizarre way to become a better liar — (@PsyPost) September 29, 2015 In the study, which will soon be in the journal Consciousness and Cognition, psychologists found that people lie more convincingly when they need to pee. The connection betweenContinue Reading