The Associated Press: Australia plans to ban pedophiles from traveling overseas. Australian pedophiles are notorious for taking inexpensive vacations to nearby Southeast Asian and Pacific island countries to abuse children there. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she would cancel the passports of around 20,000 pedophiles on the nationalContinue Reading

Bob McCoskrie finds a conservative Christian in a position of power, gets him to ban a book. — Hayden Donnell (@HaydenDonnell) September 6, 2015 Family First national director Bob McCoskrie told Morning Report today the group was originally satisfied when the book was given an R14 restriction, but theContinue Reading

Big #LGBT vote at the UNGA this week as Chad set to be 37th African country to outlaw homosexuality; daily wraps — Human Rights Watch (@hrw) September 22, 2014 Related articles Egypt urged to free ‘gay marriage video’ men Kenya’s anti-terror police killing suspects: HRW LGBT Visibility in AfricaContinue Reading