The Catholic Church in Australia on Friday rejected a recommendation by a government inquiry that priests be required to report evidence of child sex abuse disclosed in the confessional. The recommendation that priests be prosecuted for failing to report evidence of pedophilia heard in the confessional was a keyContinue Reading A taskforce, codenamed Mirzam, was launched in February after a recording device was discovered by a member of the public showing adults engaging in sexual acts with the young girl, the police statement said. “What Taskforce Mirzam has uncovered so far will shock the community and I should warnContinue Reading “What I’m leading to here is the fact that I would have been all right in life if it hadn’t been for the sexual abuse committed against me, and rejections by the system, so how can you, Mr Turnbull, judge me as not being eligible for compensation on theContinue Reading Australia’s race discrimination commissioner, Tim Soutphommasane, says the high no vote in western Sydney in last week’s historic same-sex marriage postal survey reflects religious observance rather than ethnicity, and he has warned against an outbreak of crass, cultural stereotyping. Soutphommasane used a speech at the University of Western SydneyContinue Reading A conventional way of answering might be that homophobia has been especially virulent in Australia because of the distinctive patterns of the nation’s masculinity. This explanation would point to the legacy of frontier masculinity: aggressively heterosexual, contemptuous of effeminacy in men (associated with ”pommies” and ”poofters”), hostile to lesbianismContinue Reading A group of pro-equality Christians have attacked a new anti same-sex marriage advertisement as irresponsible, while distancing themselves from the Australian Christian Lobby and Lyle Shelton, who they say “doesn’t speak for most Christians”. The Australian Christians for Marriage Equality launched its same-sex marriage campaign on Wednesday, bringing togetherContinue Reading

The Associated Press: Australia plans to ban pedophiles from traveling overseas. Australian pedophiles are notorious for taking inexpensive vacations to nearby Southeast Asian and Pacific island countries to abuse children there. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she would cancel the passports of around 20,000 pedophiles on the nationalContinue Reading His contemporary and nemesis, Winston Churchill, famously borrowed Samuel Johnson’s expression to describe his own depression as ‘the black dog’. Churchill could be so overwhelmed by depression he would spend days, even weeks, in bed, fatigued and disinterested, unable to concentrate. These dark periods happened multiple times over manyContinue Reading Former Australian Federal Police psychologists are calling on the agency to reinstate a peer support program they say was crucial to internal mental health support. The push is supported by mental health experts and the federal police union. Lacey Clews and Heidi Horvath were psychologists with the AFP forContinue Reading Michael Quinn, 33, an IVF geneticist from Melbourne, was caught in May in LA in a sting set up by US authorities who posed as paedophiles and a pimp offering to supply him with a six-year-old boy to rape for $US250 ($A330). Quinn, who played for the Melbourne Chargers,Continue Reading