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Anger is an energy: how to turn fury into a force for good

https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/may/13/anger-interviews Anger is one of the most important and influential emotions in human life and so it is in politics and campaigning. But anger management…

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3 Ways to Stop Anger From Controlling Your Life

3 Ways to Stop Anger From Controlling Your Life Identify a recent situation (or maybe you’re angry right now!) in which anger took hold of…

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Stay Healthy as You Age, Let Go of Anger

When people ages 80 and older regularly felt anger, researchers saw a link to elevated levels of the inflammatory marker IL-6 — perhaps because anger…

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Are men angrier than women?

Men are, on average, more outwardly aggressive than women and so it might be assumed that they are also angrier. But this doesn’t appear to…

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