The benefits of social life typically occur when one individual is the benefactor of an act of altruism. An altruistic act is one that increases the welfare of another individual at an actual or potential cost of the individual who performs the act. An example of altruism comes fromContinue Reading

Children of religious parents are less altruistic, multi-country study finds — (@PsyPost) November 7, 2015 Many families believe religion plays an essential role in childhood moral development. But children of religious parents may not be as altruistic as those parents think, according to a new international studyContinue Reading

‘Extreme altruists’ motivated by gut instinct: study — (@PsyPost) October 25, 2014 The researchers analysed statements made in interviews by people who were recipients of a medal for heroism. Study participants were told to rate the statements for evidence of intuition or deliberation. Computer text analysis was alsoContinue Reading