We all get kicked in life, but when the kicking is constant, consistent, calculated, and calibrated to hit our unprotected places, we suffer cumulative damage. We recover to some degree from each successive wound, but the lingering damage – festering under the surface – refuses to heal as again andContinue Reading

Big Buddy mentoring works on the simple philosophy that boys need good male role models in their lives to become good men. For many reasons, lots of boys in New Zealand don’t have a father and while mothers do a courageous job raising boys alone, they can’t model maleness. AndContinue Reading

How common is clinical depression? Nobody is sure exactly how many people are affected by depression. Health authorities from country to country and even within the same nation publish different figures: The National Institute of Mental Health2 estimates that 6.7% of American adults have had depressive illness during the lastContinue Reading

Scientific literature has described psychological abuse over two-and-a-half decades ago, yet MacMillan states that it has remained under-recognized and under-reported and that the impact of psychological child abuse “can be as harmful as other types of maltreatment.” Psychological maltreatment has an impact on the development of children. Psychological abuse isContinue Reading