Comcare’s Community Support Work offers assistance with the activities that form part of an individual’s daily life.   Support Workers assist with areas such as financial management, relationship building with friends and family, taking first steps back to an active life and work, managing the demands of children and aContinue Reading Recovery Companions New Zealand was inspired by two like minded individuals who both have been faced with the destruction of active addiction and the havoc it played in their lives. After hitting “rock bottom” they were both faced with the decision to keep drinking and using until the endContinue Reading

Raise your hand if you're a smart person who made smart decisions and have still been harassed or assaulted. — Jennifer Wright (@JenAshleyWright) February 7, 2020 Researchers also found while females were far more likely to have been abused by men, the majority of male victims reported they were abused by female perpetrators. “The form of nonconsensual sex that men are much more likely to experience than women, namely, being ‘made to penetrate’ someone else,Continue Reading Shaun Robinson from the Mental Health Foundation said the tertiary sector has been caught short by the increase in demand for mental heath support. “I just think it’s been sort of left flat footed in terms of its response and it’s not doing anywhere near enough.” Universities NZ, whichContinue Reading