We procrastinate tasks that stir emotions for us, whether boredom, anxiety, resentment, overwhelm, or guilt and shame. People think they need better self-control to get things done when they’re having these emotions. That’s not the answer. People who are good at being disciplined are so because they approach tasks that inherently require less self-control. How? The bestContinue Reading

We remember things longer if we take breaks during learning, referred to as the spacing effect. Scientists gained deeper insight into the neuronal basis for this phenomenon in mice. With longer intervals between learning repetitions, mice reuse more of the same neurons as before — instead of activating different ones.Continue Reading

Two sisters, Maria and Annie Farmer recall encounters with Epstein and his long-time partner Ghislaine Maxwell as far back as 1996. Both sisters are key interviews in Filthy Rich and are integral in establishing the length of time Epstein was able to continually elude the consequences of his alleged actions.  Annie And Maria Farmer Were TheContinue Reading

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Other people may like the chronically agreeable, but they don’t necessarily choose them to be leaders. Is It Possible to Be Too Nice? | Psychology Today Connolly and Sevä observe that “One explanation for the weak association between agreeableness and status may be that people high in this trait areContinue Reading

Peer to Peer Support

The best strategy for combatting burnout is to remove yourself from the stressful situation.  Have You Passed the Burnout Threshold? | Psychology Today Emotional Exhaustion. In the first phase, excessive demands are placed on the individual. In the workplace, this can be too much of a workload, but it canContinue Reading