People who are aware of sex trafficking probably know that victims may be recruited online or by kidnapping, which is rare. Fewer people are aware of familial trafficking. Even so, familial trafficking is a big issue, and some populations have historically been particularly vulnerable to it. Familial sex trafficking happens when traffickersContinue Reading

But, sexual minority males who have experienced sexual trauma face even greater health disparities. Gay and bisexual men with histories of childhood and adult sexual victimization are more likely to report greater numbers of sexually transmitted infections, increased sexual risk for human immunodeficiency virus, and higher sexual compulsivity than men with no historyContinue Reading

Inner self sexual abuse

In 2011, Dunning wrote about his observations that people with substantial, measurable deficits in their knowledge or expertise lack the ability to recognize those deficits and, therefore, despite potentially making error after error, tend to think they are performing competently when they are not: “In short, those who are incompetent,Continue Reading

Because of these photographs and other mitigating factors, some historians have suggested that Dodgson was a pedophile. Factors thought to support this idea include the following: Dodgson habitually cultivated friendships with children throughout his adulthood. Many of these he photographed either unclothed or semi-clothed. From these facts, one might surmiseContinue Reading


Most perpetrators of SV against males are white, heterosexual men, and married or in long-term relationships with women. Male survivors of sexual assault and abuse | Columns | One of the most under-reported crimes in the U.S. is sexual assault/abuse (SV) of boys and men. Whether because of shame,Continue Reading

Gay-identifying and same-sex attracted men face the doubly silencing effects of stigma surroundingchild sexual abuse and homophobia (Lew, 2004). Improving policy and practice responses for men sexually abused in childhood ( Homophobia (personal and public) acts as a major inhibitor of men disclosing child sexual abuseand seeking any form ofContinue Reading


Therefore, people are predisposed to reveal they have secrets to demonstrate they are superior to those who do not. Why Keeping Secrets Heightens Anxiety and Depression | Psychology Today Keeping secrets causes emotional distress depending on its nature and sensitivity. It can trigger depression, anxiety, and poor overall personal health. To maintainContinue Reading

Vincent Felitti conducted a huge epidemiological study on early childhood experiences. He found that only a tiny group (3.5 percent) of people with four or more adverse childhood experiences became involved in injection drug use. The Seductive, But Dangerous, Allure of Gabor Maté | Psychology Today The Seductive, But Dangerous, Allure of Gabor MatéContinue Reading