Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Connection Between Writing and Sleep

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/brain-waves/201801/the-connection-between-writing-and-sleep A new study (link is external) in the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests an easy an effective solution: Write in a journal for five minutes before bed. But critically, what helps most is not writing about what you accomplished during the day, but writing out your to-do list for tomorrow. In

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Go to sleep

Don't make a habit of lying awake in bed. Get up and go to another room to read: https://t.co/EgtS4GAXI6 pic.twitter.com/Brb8YcafZi— Cleveland Clinic (@ClevelandClinic) January 26, 2017 The 3 best ways to get to sleep 1. Get out of bed Can’t sleep? Get up, go to another room, and read a little, take a

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5 sleep myths debunked by an expert

5 sleep myths debunked by an expert https://t.co/WP5VjQKMma pic.twitter.com/nklhk3PBs6— HuffPost Living (@HealthyLiving) March 7, 2016 1. I can make it up on weekends. Nope, you can't simply undo the horrible sleep patterns you engaged in all week by sleeping until noon on Saturday and Sunday. "When you're sleep deprived, you're impaired. Period," says

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