Racists ate it up and asked for second helpings. After all, here was hard scientific evidence that seemed to corroborate what they had always claimed: that some races were intellectually inferior to others. Their failure to prosper economically was rooted not in history, but in nature. “There will be plentyContinue Reading

Most participants talked about the need for on-going daily interaction between Pākehā and Māori if racism were to be defeated. This theme included three sub-themes: integration, working together, and relationships. Māori makes up 14.9% of the population (Statistics New Zealand, 2013a) and participants indicated that in schools or towns whereContinue Reading

Lammy said: “It is no coincidence that this rise has come as anti-migrant populists seek to divide the country using the playbook of Donald Trump. “This has both legitimated and encouraged abuse online and in the real world. I have experienced first-hand the rise in racist content on social media,Continue Reading

And if you’re wondering whether this is something controversial in the scientific community, the statement goes on to say that the fact that there are no completely separate races is supported by decades of research, including six recent studies like the 2017 paper from the Center for Research on Genomics and GlobalContinue Reading

https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/110722391/nelson-teacher-job-ad-sparks-institutional-racism-claims An advertisement for a Maori unit teacher at a Nelson school seeking “strong behavioural management skills” has been labelled racist by some parents. They say the ad’s language reflects institutional racism ingrained in New Zealand. The head of the school involved, Nelson Intermediate, says the wording was “ill judged”. The vacancy was for a teacher at theContinue Reading

A US academic has caused controversy online after labelling the Disney classic Mary Poppins racist. Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner wrote a piece to the New York Times claiming the nanny Mary Poppins, played by Julie Andrews, “shamefully flirts with blackface” in the scene where she dances with Dick Van Dyke’s Bert on the rooftop toContinue Reading