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The Independent: People avoid feeling empathy towards others because it’s too mentally taxing. “There is a common assumption that people stifle feelings of empathy because they could be depressing or costly, such as making donations to charity,” Cameron says. “But we found that people primarily just don’t want to makeContinue Reading But learning is not only about acquiring new technical expertise, it’s also about listening to ourselves and others, and discovering the things we don’t know about those around us. The most profound learnings entail empathy. When we walk in the shoes of others and try to picture things the wayContinue Reading My beef is with empathy in particular, with its role in decision making. Empathy has certain design features that do make it positive in certain restricted circumstances. If you and I are the only people on earth and you’re in pain and I can help you and make yourContinue Reading When you want to know what someone else is thinking or feeling, the old adage to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” typically springs to mind. From an early age, most of us are advised that we will be better able to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings ifContinue Reading

In the television series “Burn Notice” the narrative device of the frenemy succeeds, over the course of seven seasons, in unveilling the protaganist,  MIchael Westen, as a good man who has done bad things to protect his loved ones. He has compromised his integrity in the service of a higherContinue Reading