Look at your own life, and see what you have been avoiding. Maybe you have been postponing a difficult conversation with a loved one because it would make you feel uncomfortable. Or maybe you have been avoiding a task at work because it makes you feel stupid and incompetent.Continue Reading What are these Guidelines for? These Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Service Guidelines (“Guidelines”) are for the Providers that the Ministry of Social Development (“the Ministry”) contracts with to provide services to male survivors of sexual abuse (“MSSA Services”). Outcome Agreements with providers for these services require that theyContinue Reading

Psychology Today: Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Introvert. Thoughtful, curious, insightful. The introvert communicates well in today’s digital world because they actually read what others write. They think before responding. Their answers can be succinct, insightful, and helpful. They tend to keep up on news and trends becauseContinue Reading “In particular, clinical and epidemiological reports suggest that women are more vulnerable to developing a methamphetamine use disorder. However, it is unclear what contributes to these different drug use trajectories. Here, we asked whether gender differences in response to methamphetamine exist early on, prior to the development of problematicContinue Reading Researchers have known about relaxation-induced anxiety since at least 1983, when a paper found that, in people with chronic tension, around 31 percent who tried progressive muscle relaxation (in which you focus on tensing and relaxing one set of muscles at a time, from head to toe), and 54Continue Reading