Multiple government agencies were called in to deal with a group of young boys caught playing sex games at a Catholic school in the Wellington region. Oranga Tamariki responded to the “distressing” incident – which was described as “harmful sexualised behaviour” – along with the Ministry of Eduction whichContinue Reading Given who they come from, those comments are pretty hard to ignore. And the police did reconsider: in February this year, Rewa stood trial for a third time for the killing of Burdett. Twenty-three years after she gave evidence against her rapist, McHardy went to the High Court atContinue Reading 1. Anxiety shuts down your rational brain. When you get anxious, your amygdala fires up, sends chemicals to your frontal lobe, your rational brain, and it goes offline. 2. Anxiety is generally about the future. While anxiety can take several forms — generalized anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorderContinue Reading