CHICAGO — Physician wellness programs will be encouraged to consider developing peer support groups, following a new policy passed during the AMA’s House of Delegates meeting that concluded this week. Such groups should be “voluntary, confidential, and non-discoverable.” The policy also called for the AMA in collaborating with otherContinue Reading

Male Survivor Aotearoa Round Two – Working with Men, by Toah Nest Societal beliefs about males being self-reliant and dominant, relatively immune to expressions of vulnerability or helplessness are commonly understood and believed. For many survivors seeking help is almost unimaginable, almost a worse outcome than nondisclosure (Barnett et al,Continue Reading Since its launch in May, Snapchat’s gender-swap filter, which allows users to see what they would look like as a stereotypical man or woman, has inspired countless pranks and crude jokes, sparked a debate about gender norms, and doubled the app’s install rate. It’s also led to the arrestContinue Reading 1. I’m just being honest with myself. Indeed you should be. In fact, it’s always important to explore what mistakes you might have made, to be accountable for your errors, to take responsibility, to understand what went wrong, to figure out what you need to avoid or do differentlyContinue Reading The reforms, however, left intact controversial requirements for prosecutors to prove that violence or intimidation was involved or that the victim was “incapable of resistance”. Recent acquittals has revived outrage over that legal standard, which means that not fighting back can make it impossible for prosecutors to prove rape.Continue Reading People who assert themselves over others, despite what’s “right” perhaps rarely have insight into their own behavior. They continue to be rewarded for their pushiness because there are enough people like you who find this behavior difficult to confront. Although your niceness can win you all kinds of praiseContinue Reading As relationship partners get to know each other better over time, they are usually given access to each other’s emotional nakedness. They have likely shared their most vulnerable experiences, thoughts, and feelings with each other. Those admissions, confessions, and disclosures, have often been shared in intimate moments and someContinue Reading

Peer learning involves a new role for the students who facilitate the learning of other students. The role of the peer facilitator, which is focused on learning through supporting the learning of other students, would appear to be more social than the traditional role of learner, which is focused onContinue Reading