Personal choice For each person the journey of mental distress or addiction and how they achieve recovery, is unique; this means services need to be responsive to a range of needs; peer support has the flexibility to achieve this. Wanted by consumers Has been driven by consumers of servicesContinue Reading In 2003, Norway took the bold step of becoming the first country to mandate that women make up 40% of board representation in publicly-listed companies. Soon after, many other European countries including Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and The Netherlands made similar moves. More than 15 years later, theContinue Reading

7:30 – 9:30 pm 2nd & 4th Mondays 11 Edmonton Rd, Henderson, Auckland 0612 09 889 2553 or 021 174 9252 Before attending a peer support group contact a Better Blokes facilitator to complete induction to the group. Stress is normal. Everyone experiences it. How intense stress feels and what we find stressful is different for all of us. We all have a hardwired stress response which is switched on by different stressors for different people. Fight, flight or freeze Stress is the response our body hasContinue Reading High workloads, poor work/life balance and stressful work are the top three causes of poor mental health at work, according to a Mental Health Foundation survey conducted in March 2018. But what is stress, how does work impact stress and how can organisations and their people use the ThreeContinue Reading The Catholic archbishop of Melbourne, Peter Comensoli, has also issued a separate statement. He says he respects the court’s decision. “I encourage everyone to do the same,” he says. Comensoli says the “complexity of the search for the truth in this matter has tested many, and may very wellContinue Reading Ken Clearwater, a national advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, is speaking on a panel at the summit today. “Our biggest problem or issue, is that male victims of sexual violence or domestic violence are not seen as a problem and that nobody seems to be interested in talkingContinue Reading The concept of sex addiction gained traction in the 1980s, when Patrick Carnes published “Out of the Shadows,” one of the first books to identify compulsive sexual behavior, a problem he likened to an addiction. Soon, treatment centers, 12-step programs and other resources grew around this new label, despiteContinue Reading