A court report stated Chamier was “ignorant” and she didn’t understand the effect of her offending or why the law prohibited children under 16 from having sex with adults. Judge Gerard Lynch said the law was there to protect children from themselves as they weren’t experienced enough to makeContinue Reading Survivors guess there could be several hundred unacknowledged cases in New Zealand, where Jehovah’s Witness believers number 14,000 out of a global following of eight million. A video of the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ headquarters records a manager telling elders everywhere to destroy documents was leaked last year to the PhiladelphiaContinue Reading

Many #OECD countries could learn from exerience of Denmark & Finland where only 4% of #children are assessed to live in relative poverty. Figures for USA are 21%, New Zealand 14%, UK & Australia13%, Canada 12%. Time for reflection in anglophone democracies? @OECD_Social — Helen Clark (@HelenClarkNZ) October 17,Continue Reading