You’re well within your rights not to answer

Questions that employers can’t legally ask
Questions that dig for information beyond what is relevant to the role are not acceptable. Examples of questions that legally cannot be asked are:

Are you married?
Who do you vote for?
How old are you?
What’s your current employment status?
What religion are you?
Are you pregnant or planning on starting a family?
In most cases, the questions above will be irrelevant to the role you are applying for. If an employer asks about your sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political opinions, employment status, age or family status, then they might be discriminating against you.

However, Badenhorst says there are some exceptions where discrimination is permitted.

“You will not need to disclose your age in an interview where age is not an indicator of your ability to do a job,” she says, “but there are some limited exceptions (for instance where a person must be of a certain age to hold a manager’s license, to enter into certain premises, obtain a permit, or security clearance). An exception also applies for domestic employment in private households.”

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