You were employed to protect and help him

Judge Gary Woodhall said on sentencing her he was “perfectly satisfied” she was intending to engage in sexual activity with the victim.

The judge said within weeks of meeting him Beattie-Milligan, who had worked in education for 25 years, had breached school policy by getting his mobile phone number.

She then booked a hotel room to meet in and sent messages with kiss emojis and signing off with “babes” as well as joking about drinking alcohol together and him not going home that night, the jury heard.

“You were infatuated with him, you changed the way you dressed when going to work,” the judge said.

Cheryl Mottram, prosecuting, said concerns arose when a colleague noticed she was “acting too familiar with him in the corridor”.

After she gave the victim bonus points in a lesson a colleague joked with the boy he must have been Beattie-Milligan’s favourite.
The boy then showed him his phone with the messages about the hotel booking.

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