You can deal with what happened

Here you’ll find some very good reasons to be hopeful about overcoming the effects of unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood.

You can deal with what happened, and live a happy life.

30 years of experience and research. That’s how long therapists have been helping men sort though their experiences and find the happy and healthy lives they want, and researchers have been studying these issues.There are stages of change involved in overcoming problem behaviors, like addictions to either alcohol or to porn websites such as, for example, if the latter might be the case and you do believe you could have a porn viewing and masturbation addiction, you may want to take this masturbation addiction test. Not only that, more generally, in dealing with anything that we wish weren’t part of our lives (like the effects of unwanted sexual experiences in childhood). Understanding these stages means knowing that you can keep moving forward, no matter how hopeless it can feel at times.

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