#Worst #Parts #About #Mental #Illness

HuffPost: Shannon Purser Nails One Of The Worst Parts About Mental Illness. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw_-SU3jU


“When I’m mentally unwell, it just becomes so exhausting to do much of anything,” she wrote. “Especially talking to people about what I’m feeling.”

Purser’s tweet succinctly sums a truth that likely sounds familiar to people living with mental health conditions: Sometimes being alone feels like the only solution when it comes to managing symptoms. Mental health disorders can zap a person’s energy and motivation, making conversation with others feel excruciating. It also causes social withdrawal, which can make the person suffering not want to have any human interaction.

Of course, reaching out to others in these moments ― even when it feels tiring ― can be beneficial. Talking to a mental health professional has been shown to ease the negative effects of disorders over time. Family and friends can also help during these instances as well just by offering up a few supportive statements or providing small distractions.

Purser acknowledged this, too, and added that she has learned to recognize when she truly needs support during tough periods and when she just needs space.

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