Women should be able to join the army without being sexually assaulted

Incidents often occurred in front of others, “indicating that the perpetrators did not attempt to be discreet with their harassment,” the report states. “Multiple women discussed incidents where they were spoken to in a degrading, and sometimes intimidating or sexual manner, by their peers or their superiors.”

Women did not report because they thought they would not be believed, and felt perceptions of the perpetrator as a “nice guy” or good at his job or the woman’s own sexual history would count against them. Ramifications for speaking up included isolation, bullying, and being made to feel like a burden.

Half of the women questioned for a study of the army report being sexually assaulted | Stuff.co.nz

A ‘code of silence’ prevails and many personnel will not raise a complaint or report serious issues such as sexual violence because they fear the repercussions and do not trust the NZDF processes and systems

Operation-Respect-Review.pdf (defence.govt.nz)

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