Why We Believe Lies, and How to Resist

Second, we must accept the truth that one reason we continue to believe many lies is that it brings us comfort. When we accept that we ourselves are under the power of many lies, the social comfort of being part of the right group, the group that knows truth, we may feel vulnerable, and we will certainly feel some discomfort. But it is worth trading, as Hitz puts it, “social consolations for truth and dignity.”3

We cannot know the truth about everything, for a variety of reasons. Yet we can choose to pursue truth in a few select areas of life, find truth about things that ignite a passion within us, things that we want to learn about for their own sake. We seek such truths not for the sake of status, power, influence, or wealth, but because they have intrinsic worth for us. 

Why We Believe Lies, and How to Resist | Psychology Today

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