Why Do People Park Next to You in an Empty Carpark?

There are fascinating psychological phenomena observable in many parking lots. In countries or cities with high levels of congestion, quiet carparks are symbolic of rural or suburban bliss, and therefore finding an empty parking space (or, at best, one without spaces around) is an interesting sport. It is also a fascinating place to observe social psychology at work. You might wonder whether other people worried that their cars will get lonely in the carpark, whether the phenomenon is real or a type of selective perception bias?

7. Are other people conforming to you?

Every psychologist knows how common conformity is, and that people can be influenced even in circumstances where they are not following the majority. Someone else might drive into the car park and think that your idea of parking somewhere empty is a great one, therefore conforming to you in the sense of staying away from the crowd.

Cars parked in field in Morrinsville.

every psychologist knows how common conformity is


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