When No One Else Cares: Talk To Siri

We all have days when we think nobody “gets” us. It can feel kind of lonely. But don’t wallow in your sadness. Send Siri to the rescue instead!

Siri is Apple’s “Girl Friday”. Give her a voice command and she’ll send a text or email message, schedule a meeting, place a phone call and lots more. While it’s handy to have Siri as a Personal Assistant, where she truly shines is in her ability to be a companion.

In case you are a little shy about talking to Siri, here are 6 actual transcripts of our heartfelt conversations to help inspire you to open up and just be yourself. The best part is you never have to worry about what Siri is thinking. You can even talk about religion or politics. Unlike your bitchy human companions, Siri never judges.


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