What’s the difference between an option and a choice, and why is this important?

You have options all over the place. Options don’t really matter that much, but choices do: Am I going to spend time with this person not? If you want to be successful, you don’t have choices. You can’t do whatever you want to do and be good. That’s the hardest thing for millennials and Gen Z to understand. You might say, “I want to be in a successful relationship.” There’s a finite plan. There’s nothing wrong with not doing it. If you don’t follow what’s agnostically true, and the requirements that are not really choices, you won’t have a successful relationship.

One of my close friends is George Pyne. He was the COO of Nascar and runs Bruin Sports Capital. He makes 10 outgoing calls a week and finds 10 new prospects. He has done this since he was 25 years old. That’s allowed him to be one of the most successful sports businessmen in the world.

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