What constitutes stalking behavior ?


Along with more blatant stalking behaviors such as threats of physical or sexual violence, researchers have also identified what they term unwanted pursuit behaviors (UPB) which, while creating a feeling of menace in their targets, are rarely illegal in themselves. These behaviors can include:

  • questioning friends and family of the person targeted to gather information on whereabouts, new relationships, or friendships.
  • appearing in places where the targeted person might be.
  • waiting outside the target’s workplace/school/home.
  • sending or leaving unwanted gifts or letters.

Along with these in-person unwanted behaviors, stalking victims are also reporting having to deal with a sharp rise in cyberstalking (link is external) activities including:

  • threatening to release information and/or images if the target doesn’t do what the stalker wants.
  • sending an excessive number of emails/Facebook posts or repeatedly trying to make contact using online chat.
  • sending threatening texts/posts/tweets, etc.

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