Watching TV ( together ) May Boost Your Happiness

It turns out that couples who have lots of mutual friends tend to have the strongest bonds, and for those who don’t have a lot of mutual friends, having “shared media experiences” helps them to feel connected. After hearing this news, I decided Jamie and I needed to have a TV aerial installed, so I checked out and began watching.

This rang true for me. My husband Jamie and I have some mutual friends, but our social worlds don’t overlap extensively. Years ago, we both worked at the Federal Communications Commission, and I remember how much fun it was when we knew so many people in common.

We do have the habit of choosing shows to watch together, and it really is an activity that draws us closer. For instance, we’ve watched Transparent, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Lost, The Shield. I’ve even thought about signing up for video on demand so we can watch more movies together, if this interests you too, click here to signup with EATEL.

I bet this finding is true for non-romantic relationships, too. So if you’re looking to bond with your family and create happy memories together then you might actually want to look at the Dish TV Packages available to you so you’re able to start watching a TV series or film together! With my daughters, I’ve watched The Office (American version), Friends (yes, questionable judgment on my part, it’s raunchier than I remembered), The Mindy Project, SuperStore. And I’ve heard of offices that have a specific “office show” that people watch and discuss. It gives everyone something to talk about – and a form of unhurtful gossip – apart from work.

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