Watch “Oprah Winfrey Full Interview ‘Leaving Neverland’ Michael Jackson Accusers” on YouTube

“It’s sad to say it and it’s horrific to say it but they were enjoying the attention and they felt that they had a very precious and special relationship with their abuser. 

“He was kind and the kindness that he displayed I think sort of still resonates and you know the magnitude of his fame, his personality, his charisma, and I think they’re still struggling with what to make of that.”

He said it was this persuasiveness that meant Robson supported Jackson in a trial against him in 2005. 

“He still loved Michael Jackson in 2005. He was 22, he still felt an immense amount of loyalty to the man who had nurtured his talents, who had done all these wonderful things for him sadly with the aim of sexually abusing him. 

“He says that he wished that he’d had the strength to say the truth on the witness stand … it would have involved turning his life upside down

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