Volunteer earthquake rescuer not covered for PTSD

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“The doctor said, ‘There’s nothing else we can do for you Bill, we’ve done everything, what say we try the district health board for counselling for the earthquake?'”

Counselling sessions, Mr Toomey says, “hit the nail on the head straight away. I could feel the difference each time I went in there.”

He has been going counselling sessions now once every couple of weeks, which he describes as “fantastic”.

“There’s a group of us – all different symptoms and all different degrees,” say Mr Toomey.
His PTSD can be solely attributed to the events that occurred on February 22, 2011, but the law states Mr Toomey can’t claim ACC for lost income because he was at the PGC Building as a volunteer.
ACC says “because you’re volunteering, you’re not there for the purposes of your employment, so it becomes a non-work claim”.

The way Mr Toomey sees it, this has ramifications for everyone with a good-Samaritan bent.

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