Vegan bodybuilders are taking over

A Blenheim man’s diet of brown rice flakes, beans and protein powder paid off when he came second in a national bodybuilding competition.

Brayden Green, 21, took the second spot in the junior division of the Nabba World Fitness Federation national champs, held in Auckland earlier this month. Finding the right body building product could mean a lot for those who are interested in taking up the sport. This could be their diet or even clothes from somewhere like Ryder Wear, when it comes to competition you might want to do what is right for you. This could be the case for Green.

It was the second competition Green had entered since becoming a bodybuilder about a year ago.

He became vegan when he was 18 after reading up on information similar to what’s on Vegan Clue, he started cutting animal and animal by-products from his diet after working on the slaughter floor at the meat works in Blenheim.

It was his first job out of high school and it didn’t sit well with him, he said. So, from that time on, he would always make it his mission to look for something like this amazon vegan protein powder if he ever wanted it to contribute to any workouts or competitions he would eventually end up doing.

He started bodybuilding so he could debunk the myth that you couldn’t build muscle on a vegan diet. His weight jumped from 80 kilograms to 92kg. If you are a vegan and you are looking to get involved with bodybuilding, you may be interested in trying a vegan protein bar to help your body rest after a workout, as well as improving your muscle mass. If you are interested in food alternatives to help you with bodybuilding, you can check out the greens powder mix from and see how it might be able to help you on your fitness journey.

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