Understanding the stress response


Stress is normal. Everyone experiences it. How intense stress feels and what we find stressful is
different for all of us. We all have a hardwired stress response which is switched on by different
stressors for different people.

Fight, flight or freeze

Stress is the response our body has to help us prepare for challenges. When we’re faced with a
challenge, we get a rush of natural chemicals that amplify physical strength and our senses. It is a
helpful automatic physical response that can sharpen our senses and physical abilities to deal with
immediate challenges.

Too much stress can be harmful. When our stress response is turned on repeatedly for either real
or perceived threats, it puts unnecessary strain on our bodies.
If we don’t have the opportunity to recover and calm our body down or turn off the stress
response, stress can stay for an extended period of time and may build, so your body never
completely unwinds.

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